Chinese Teaching Demo (II): Elementary level – an student-centered and cumulative approach

For the demo of  teaching an intermediate class with an integrated approach, please click here.

Teaching Demo*: Giving and Following Directions
  • Textbook: Ning, C. & Montanaro J. (2011). Encounters: Chinese language and culture (Book I). New Haven: Yale University Press.
  • Level: elementary
  • Content: Unit 10, Encounter 2 & 3 (Giving and Following Directions)
  • Teaching: A student-centered and cumulative approach

– students watch the video
– based on the context and content of the video, students infer the meaning of the new expressions by doing matching exercise
– pronunciation reinforcement
– pair/group work – simple tasks (i.e. maze game)
– pair/group work – more complex tasks (i.e. map reading)

  • Time: November 2011
  • To download the detailed lesson plan, please click here.

Special thanks to my great and supportive mentors: Dr. Cynthia Ning and Dr. Tao-chung Yao. Big Mahalo to 任老師 and 姚老師!

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