Research Interest

My research interests lie in the pedagogical design and development of technology-enhanced learning environments for second language (L2) education. More specifically, I am interested in the affordances and constraints of technology-enhanced learning environments, especially online/hybrid classes and virtual worlds, for L2 learners’ development of language proficiency as well as pragmatic competence in intercultural communication.

At the present stage of postmodern globalization, the ability to communicate across languages and across cultures becomes more and more important as well as valuable. However, successful communication does not only require accuracy in the use of linguistic forms, but also appropriate use of these linguistic forms in any given context. More simply, the right words to say at the proper place and time. This has post new challenges to foreign language education. Due to the temporal and spatial constrains of traditional foreign language classrooms, it is still hard for L2 students to have a fully embodied learning experience in an authentic language environment. Therefore, my research aims to inform the design of technology-rich learning environments to optimize learners’ L2 learning experience. In addition, by transforming L2 learning experience with technology, my research carries a further goal to contribute to the theories of L2 learning, especially adult L2 learning in foreign language contexts.

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