Sample Teaching Slides – Chinese

Integrated Chinese Level II Lesson 5 – help students conceptualize the new vocabulary and expressions with their own experiences – help students express their course related thoughts and carry out relevant conversations ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Lesson Review – Vocabulary – 把 sentence – resultative complement – monopoly games To check out how Ying used these slides in … Continue reading

Distributed Language Learning in 3D Virtual Environments

Proposal Abstract: In language teaching, the hidden agenda of cultural values as they are dynamically co-constructed in situated conversations is usually replaced by teaching rules and conventions, in which sense values, meanings and communicative strategies are treated as static phenomena. This form-based learning and teaching implies the language bias (Linell, 2005) or the code view … Continue reading

[SLS480P] Professionalism: E-Portfolio

Selected Lesson Plans

Sample I:  – Textbook: Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture (Book I) – Content: Unit 9 –> Encounter 2 & 3: bargaining Sample II:  – Textbook: Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture (Book I) – Content: Unit 10 –> Encounter 2 & 3: directions – Click here to watch the actual teaching video of this lesson. 

Sample Teaching Slides – English

To check out Ying’s teaching slides she used in her Advanced ESL Academic Reading Course, please click here to visit her course website.

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